Gambrinus Excelent


re-branding, fullservice

We are grateful that we were able to stand by the re-branding of Gambrinus Excelent and thus participate in the transformation of the classic beer brand into something completely new.

We really had a lot of fun thanks to the change in the brand positioning and "attacking" the young audience. In addition to creating visual identity and graphic works, we had the opportunity to embark on stage design, design of activations and zones at festivals, POS materials, including the production itself. All this would not be possible without the courage of the former brand manager. God bless all clients who are not afraid to stick their heads out of the box and cross the border. If anyone like this is reading this, please get in touch!

Key visual
Excelent Stage
Excelent Stage
Excelent Mystic cup
Excelent Stage under construction
Excelent Jukebox
James Arthur
Customized Excelent Fridge
UFO band
Festival Brand Activation
Festival Zone Transmission